A system simple, effective, reliable, discrete, based on professional microphones.

Professional PA system for accordion.

Fit all the accordions: Chromatics, diatonic, mélodéon, concertina...

System conceived and made by Bernard Loffet
4 rue commandant Cousteau, 56850 CAUDAN, France
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sonorisation system for accordion, here set up on a diatonic button accordian B. Loffet ADVANTAGES

The AKG microphone used to pick-up the melody side is dedicated to the accordion. The instrument sound is truly respected. The preamplifier is specially designed for this microphone.

The bass side is as well picked-up as the melody side, which is rarely the case with a stand microphone. The basses of the instrumentist are emphasized. Finally one will hear that you play basses ! The bass preamplifier is also especially designed for these microphones.

The noises of valves and mechanical noises are strongly attenuated by the choice, the placing and the suspension of the microphones.

The separate outputs guarantee a faithful sound and an optimum mixing. Seen by the mixing console, they are seen as two condenser microphones with high level output. Outputs are symetric low impedance.

The high level output and the placing choice of the microphoness decrease the risks of feedback due to the Larsen effect. (the Larsen effect is this unpleasant whistle, which is in fact an acoustic loop between a microphone and a loudspeaker, amplifying the sound of this microphone.)

The XLR plugs are highly reliable, long life : they don't produce parasites and cracks when moving.

Total immunity against parasites, "cracks" and the "rummle" thanks to the symetrization of all the lines.


Microphones :

Melody side : external AKG microphone C516, removable, on flexible gooseneck.

Bass side : high quality measurement mikes, " back électret " technology, shockmount

Outputs : Symmetrical low impedance (600 Ohms) on XLR 5 connector and supplied two-pair cable (diagram) with output on 2 XLR 3 (1 ground, 2 +, 3 -) called IEC wiring.

Melody side and bass side outputs are separated.

High level of output.

Power supply : Needs phantom power from 18 to 48 V (the Phantom power is a system present on the professional mixing tables, which supplys power to the external apparatuses by the audio cables.)
Independent Phantom power case as an option

The electronic PCB manages the level, the symetrization of the outputs, the power supply regulation from the +48V Phantom power and also microphones supply. The module is switched on by connecting the XLR 5 output connector.

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système de sonorisation d'accordéon, ici sur un diatonique B. Loffet PA system for accordion, here set up on a diatonic button accordian B. Loffet

XLR-5 diagram of accordion output

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