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The diatonic button accordion “Graet e Breizh” (translating in “Made in Brittany” in Breton) which you can see above was thought, then created, by Bernard Loffet, a wind instrument-maker (lute-maker), at Caudan (Morbihan, Brittany, France) from 1987 to 2018. He dedicated his life to his passion for traditional music, a passion which today still lives through his four daughters, as well as through all the craftspersons that worked with him at the workshop. 

Following on from Bernard’s work, at the workshop we make diatonic button accordions, and we also repair and offer to hire all kinds of wind instruments: chromatic button accordions, clarinets, transverse flutes, bassoons, trumpets and oboes, to only name a few. We can also provide you with spare parts for you to do your own repairs.

Michel, Pol and Gautier work to make 14 kinds of diatonic button accordions, also called melodeons, all the way from the basic study accordion for beginners (shown above), to the “Professional” range, as well as a chromatic button accordion which is small and adapted to traditional music playing. Our accordions are made from the best materials, with a view to maximising their owner’s enjoyment.

At the Loffet Workshop, we made the choice to not throw away anything that could be used, to upcycle, to fix what is fixable and most of all, only to sell instruments that will be able to be mended and won’t have to be thrown away when something is not working properly. In that view, we ensure the maintenance, repairs, reconditioning and even the restoration of all wind instruments, even ancient!

You can also find a range of music instrument cases and bags, for both classical and traditional instruments, at our workshop.

On this website, you can find some Tips and Tricks, and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), filled with advice for accordions, whether they be diatonic or chromatic. You will also be able to find sound engineering tips such as: how and where to place a microphone? or, should I use a wired or wireless microphone?

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